Are you prepared?

Statistics show it’s you’re highly unlikely to become a victim, but it’s worth considering a few simple methods to protect your most precious valuables in case the worst should happen.

Burglars are most likely to go for small, valuable items which they can grab quickly and will not slow down their escape.  Jewellery, cash, passports, phones, hard-drives and laptops, are among the most common items to be stolen in a burglary.

Favourite places to search are bedside cabinets, kitchen drawers or shelves, sock drawers, etc.  This is because, people tend to hide items within easy reach.

Simple, Safe, Secure…Secrets hidden within the hollow space of the Vintage Safe Book Good As Dead by Mark Billingham

Burglars simply do not have the time to thoroughly search every nook and cranny, and evidence shows they are highly unlikely to look on a bookshelf on the off chance – preferring to spend what little time they have focussing on the most likely areas.

A Vintage Safe Book is the perfect place to hide smaller, more valuable items.  For the price of a couple of pints, you could benefit from this additional peace of mind.

Avoid the heart-ache!

Vintage Safe Books - Coping after a burglary can be toughNo-one can offer any guarantees in life, but a Safe Book can help bring a small peace of mind to your home security.

We offer a huge range of titles, sizes and styles, so we’re confident you’ll find a product which suits your needs.

Be safe people!