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Coming Soon - Letter Books!
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Every year there are over one million burglaries and attempted burglaries in the UK

Burglary Statistics: Home Office

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10 years working on the burglary team, and I have never seen a bookshelf targeted

Source: Serving UK Police Officer


Welcome to Vintagesafebooks.com.  Safe Books are an inexpensive way to hide your valuables around the home, keeping them secure and safe, but within easy reach. We’ve been hand-crafting Vintage Safe Books from pre-loved hardback books since 2013 and carry a wide range of sizes, along with some novel variations; Magnetic Closure, Heart ShapedStandard Hip Flask and Deluxe Hip Flask Safe Books, to name but a few.

Uses for a Vintage Safe Book are only limited by your imagination.  Use safe books to hide your passports, jewellery credit cards, and other valuable items; store an external hard drive backup of your PC, or take one on holiday to keep your valuables safe in your hotel room.  Use a Heart Shaped Safe Book to surprise your loved one with a special proposal, or keep an emergency dram of your favourite whiskey in our Hip Flask Books.  The choice is entirely yours!

Please visit our Safe Book Shop page to search for safe books by a range of filters, such as your favourite author, genre, size or shape.

Along with our desire to manufacture quality, hand-crafted products, we are absolutely passionate about home security.  Check out our blog for regular product updates and more information on how to #beattheburglar, or follow us on the social media platform of your choice. 

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and like to think that we are doing our bit in stopping hundreds of books going to landfill sites each and every month.  We don’t create a huge amount of waste as part of the manufacturing process anyway, but take great pride in reducing our carbon footprint and recycling practically 100% of anything we don’t use.

Lastly, we have a thriving Trade and Wholesale department and are always on the look-out for new stockists.  Please visit our Wholesale Page for more information.

If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch using our Contact Us form or direct via vintagesafebooks@email.com.