About Our Productsvintagesafebooks

Evolution of our Products

We started our business in 2013, lovingly handcrafting Safe Books from pre-loved hardback books.  These retain the outward look and feel of a normal book, but inside the cover is a secret storage space designed to house your most precious items, safe from roaming eyes.

Alongside our Standard Safe Books, we offer Magnetic Closure Safe Books which contain ultra-small, ultra-powerful Neodymium magnets inside the cover, to hold your secrets even more securely.

Lastly, we’ve recently added Heart ShapedStandard Hip Flask and Deluxe Hip Flask  Safe Books to the collection.  These make the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for relative.

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100% Genuine

There are many other “fake” book products on the internet, however it’s always pretty easy to spot these “fakes” on your bookshelf.  With a Vintage Safe Book, you can relax, confident in the knowledge that these are the genuine article and therefore impossible to tell apart from the other books on your bookshelf.

Perfect for Home Security

Studies show that burglars spend an average of only 6 minutes in a house, searching for valuables to steal!  Having one or more Vintage Safe Books stashed around your house will mean that your valuables will be camouflaged from these fiends, if the worst should ever happen.  A serving UK Police officer has told us that, in the 10 years he spent on the Burglary Squad, he never saw thieves turn over a bookshelf in their hunt for valuables.

Selecting a book

Have a care for which genre of Vintage Safe Book you choose.  It will have the best effect if it blends in with your existing book collection, or that of your gift recipient.  For example, if you are a huge Sci Fi/Fantasy fan, a safe book made from a Romance novel is likely to look a little out of place on your bookshelf.

If you don’t see a Vintage Safe Book product which perfectly matches your existing collection, please do contact us.  We have hundreds of Safe Books, Letter Books and Shelf Books in stock, and not all are listed on our website, so it always pays to check whether we have what you are looking for.  Failing that, you may like to make use of our Bespoke Vintage Safe Book service, where you can select the precise title you require.

Ecologically aware

We take our Green responsibilities very seriously, and every stage of our manufacturing process is designed to minimise our carbon footprint.  By recycling pre-loved hardback books, we like to think we are also reducing the amount of waste that might otherwise go to landfill or incinerators.