Size guidevintagesafebooks

 External dimensions

In order to make it easier to select a book that’s the right size, we sort our Vintage Safe Books into four sizes according to their external dimensions†;


Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)



<210 <147 <29 Usually defined by having two or more dimensions within the Small bracket


210-244 147-163 29-41 Pretty much the standard size for hardback books.  Again, books are defined as Medium if they have two or more dimensions within this bracket


>244 >163 >41 Large books are defined by having one or more dimensions within the Large bracket


We manually assign this size to books that are significantly oversized, when compared with our other Large books

Hollow Space Dimensions

The hollow space inside each Vintage Safe Book will vary from book to book.  Below is a guide as to which internal measurements are provided for each type of safe book.

Standard Safe Books

Standard internal measurements are provided for each product

Heart Shaped Safe Books

Width is from the widest point either side of the heart; Length is from the bottom of the V shaped dip at the top, to the point at the bottom of the heart

Standard Hip Flask Safe Books

No internal measurements are provided due to the Hip Flask filling the hollow space

Deluxe Hip Flask Safe Books

Internal dimensions are provided for the additional hollow space, but not for the Hip Flask space